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Kokichi Mikimoto

The Pearl King

The skill of a scientist and the soul of an artist combined to create the genius of Kokichi Mikimoto, the inventor of cultured pearls. A visionary on a quest for beauty, it was his dream to “adorn the necks of all women around the world with pearls.” Since his company’s founding in 1893, elegant women worldwide have been entranced by cultured pearls… mysterious gems of the sea.


Gurhan The Man

Gurhan is quite simply a passionate, innovative maverick.  Get to know Gurhan and expect the unexpected.  He is a citizen of the world, a renaissance thinker, a curious explorer, a casual fashionista, a rock music aficionado, an avid traveler, an accomplished photographer, a political junkie, a technology geek, an inventor, a theoretical mathematician, and a great cook.  His varied life provides the backdrop against which he designs and each new experience fuels his inspiration for new creations.


Lazare Kaplan 

Lazare Kaplan descended from three generations of jewelers.  Born in 1883, it was at his uncle’s diamond cutting factory in Belgium that he began his apprenticeship at the age of 13.  In 1903, at the age of 20, Lazare Kaplan started his own diamond business that grew and prospered, as Lazare became known as one of Antwerp’s leading diamond cleavers.

Jean-Francois Albert

The Innovations Of Jean-Francois Albert.
…are based on the most elegant meeting of form and function. The designer first addressed the issues of comfort and size in one of his earliest breakthroughs, the “soft square” band. Finding the conventional round ring twirls annoyingly on the finger, Albert developed the cushion-shaped ring shank that more closely follows the shape of the human finger. Just as this form changed the way in which the jewelry industry thought about bands, the Signature Fit® Ring offers a fresh alternative to sawing and stretching to re-size rings.

eddie sakamoto

Minimalist Designer

Sakamoto appeared on the jewelry scene in Los Angeles in 1979. It was an exciting and innovative time. There was a resurgence of interest in uniqueness and quality. A “new” designer movement was to begin. These young men and women were destined to be collected as were the works of Tiffany and Cartier.  Sakamoto is a third generation Japanese American. He describes himself as a minimalist, challenging himself to create jewelry where less is more.

Lika Behar

Acclaimed Designer

Lika Behar creates unique and intimate works of wearable art inspired by ancient civilizations & the Mediterranean. Her hand wrought individual designs reflect ancient history as well as the modern feminine spirit.

She works with 22 and 24 karat gold, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, oxidized sterling silver and a myriad of beautiful gemstones of extraordinary color. The collection showcases fresh and lively hues with striking color combinations graced with the warmth of pure gold and the shimmer of diamonds.


Designed By Women For Women

Gumuchian is a gem of a jewelry collection that’s treasured by the cognoscenti who can spot true European craftsmanship and superior design a mile away. Owned and operated with meticulous attention to quality by Anita Gumuchian and daughters Myriam and Patricia, this boutique company is proud to do it all, from the selection of brilliant diamonds through their family-run offices in Antwerp, to the actual manufacturing in the heart of New York. .


Coast Diamond by Jay Gilbert

Elegant design and superb quality are the hallmarks of a Coast Diamond ring. Since 1978, Coast has designed classic and romantic bridal jewelry with the highest standards. Jay Gilbert introduces exquisite designs that are graceful and stylish. Charisma is the newest Coast Bridal Collection, featuring timeless engagement rings with excellent craftsmanship down to the last detail. The Coast Signature Color Collection includes an array of impeccably crafted, one-of-a-kind rings, earrings and pendants. 

Steven Kretchmer

“I Design Future Classics”

Steven Kretchmer has often been referred to as the most innovative designer to ever hit the jewelry scene. World renowned for his eighteen karat blue gold, purple gold, gold mokume gane, and other magical precious metals, he captured mysterious yet fundamental forces of nature and transformed them into timeless works of art. Steven’s signature Tension-Set™ jewelry and magnetic Polarium™ platinum jewelry have revolutionized fine jewelry design.

simon pearce

A Legacy Of
Artisan Design

Since the beginning, Simon’s life has centered around functional, sophisticated design. Growing up in Ireland with a family of artisans, attention to detail and aesthetics were part of his everyday experience. At age 16, Simon began his craft as an apprentice at his father’s pottery studio. From there, he went on to work with notable glassmakers all over Europe before opening his namesake studio. Inspired by centuries-old Georgian glassmaking techniques and using the finest natural materials, Simon set out to create designs that bring pleasure and inspiration with every use, every day.

Michael Aram

Inspired By His Surroundings

Michael Aram is an award-winning American artist who has dedicated his career to craft-based design. Inspired by a trip to India at age 25, he established a second home and workshop there, where he continues to draw creative inspiration. Although best known for his work in metal, Aram works across all materials with a focus on objects made by hand.

Trained as a painter, sculptor, and art historian, Aram has neatly applied his creative background to objects ranging from the fine and decorative arts to jewelry. His often lyrical work is inspired by nature, his biggest muse, as well as his love of the making process. Aram crafts pieces that have a personal connection to him and which speak to his love of symbolism, nature, narrative storytelling, and objects made by hand.

Mary Jurek

Award Winning

Mary Jurek Design, Inc. is an LA-based design company that creates handmade stainless steel tableware and giftware which is sought after, displayed and used daily in homes worldwide.  Admired for its unique style, classic minimalism and functional design the collection is recognized for its generous weight, lustrous finish and ease of care.  The iconic stainless steel designs are dishwasher safe, food safe, sustainable and enduring.  Selecting this high integrity metal represents the design ethos of a company that believes in simplicity, fine craftsmanship and the use of environmentally conscious materials to offer the best in tableware use for inspired everyday living.


The Henderson Collection

Lecil Henderson, the company’s founder, provides extraordinary customer service, offering a level of scholarship and confidence to his clients that is unmatched. The Henderson Collection is built on a principal of contrast, as it is designed to be contemporary yet classic, luxurious yet suitable for everyday wear. Each piece carries a lifetime guarantee and is functional, practical, durable and stylish. Most importantly, because the jewelry is crafted by hand, clients are able to customize every aspect to fit their needs, including the length, width, shape and color of their selections. Choose ever popular hand-Florentine finish, satin or matte finish or the option of a high polish finish.

FREDDY Tschumi

TF Est 1968

The Swiss brand TF Est. 1968 proudly asserts its identity in pursuit of an accessibility that makes no sacrifices when it comes to quality, Set in precious metals and marked by a total lack of convention, TF Est. 1968 never hesitates to deviate from the norm, more out of a sense of fun than willful provocation. Sometimes embarking unashamedly on its chosen course in a spirit of rebellious abandon, in true nonconformist style, but always with its inimitable eye to quality.


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