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Manufactured in Detroit, Michigan, Shinola represents the reinvigoration of a storied American brand, and a storied American city, and holds true to the belief in the beauty of industry and the glory of manufacturing. Making an investment in skill and creating a community that will thrive through excellence of craft and pride of work, Shinola works to reclaim the making of things that are 

made well, and define American luxury through American quality. Inside a state-of-the-art watch factory within the College for Creative Studies in the historic Argonaut building, Shinola uses the most skilled craftspeople to meticulously hand-assemble their time pieces with the most advanced technology available to ensure each piece is both beautiful and built to last.


This 43mm Shinola Monster hits the mark when it comes to a dive watch you can trust. Its technical acumen makes the iconic aesthetic of Shinola an added bonus. Powered by the SW200-1 automatic movement, which features 26 jewels and a 38-hour power reserve, this high-grade 316L stainless steel timepiece is meticulously engineered to withstand extreme pressure and has a depth rating of 1,000 feet.


Handsome grays elevate this classic Runwell. The 47mm chronograph features a cool gray dial, brushed gunmetal PVD case and a premium leather strap in walnut. The dial of this Runwell Chrono is punctuated by two sub dials and a calendar aperture. There’s a reason we call it the Runwell. Built to last, this classic timepiece is assembled from some of the finest components in the world.


The 48mm Runwell Sport Chrono was obsessively engineered and built for action, featuring a unidirectional turning bezel, stopwatch capabilities and scratch resistant sapphire crystal. The main dial is punctuated by a large calendar aperture and three sub dials that measure hours, minutes, seconds and sub seconds.


Shinola is breaking the mold when it comes to the traditional sports watch. The Canfield Sport is a timepiece where complexity takes center stage. Built using a top loaded case construction, the Canfield Sport features a fixed top ring with ceramic insert and an open dial punctuated with three sub dials, making this watch sporty and instinctively classic.


Built to stand out, just like the iconic Detroit building it was named after, The Guardian is our first watch to feature a handsome, rounded square shape. Both strong and substantial, it celebrates industrial excellence, creativity, and continuous innovation. Well-appointed with all the defining traits of a Shinola timepiece, The Guardian’s features including wire lugs, signature screw down crown and soft surfaces. A beautiful Cool Gray dial on a Tan strap make this watch the epitome or versatility.


The Canfield Chrono is our first chronograph watch built using a top loaded case construction, a technique that provides a sophisticated open dial viewing area. This 43mm Canfield Chrono comes equipped with a stopwatch function and a calendar aperture. Blue details, including applied Arabic indices and two chronograph sub dials, stand out against a matte gray dial.


It doesn’t need bells and whistles — it is the bell and whistle. The Bedrock is our first dress watch. Only the most essential details were incorporated, then refined. Slim construction drove the minimalist design, allowing the timepiece to slide effortlessly underneath your finely tailored sleeve. The clean white dial is punctuated with two sub dials and a calendar aperture.


Inspired by Craig Breedlove, the first man to break the 400, 500, and 600 MPH land-speed records on wheels, the Rambler 600 is an icon of American resolve. Created to celebrate Breedlove’s calculated commitment to speed, the Rambler 600 is built from titanium light enough to achieve high speeds and tough enough to withstand them. This timepiece is our first to have both a chronograph stopwatch function and a bezel with a tachymetric scale that allows the wearer to accurately measure speed in terms of time.

Our Story

Why not accept that manufacturing is gone from America? Why not let the rust and weeds finish what they started? Why not just embrace the era of disposability? And why didn’t we buy a warmer coat before we moved here?

Through four Detroit winters, we’ve asked ourselves these questions. And worked not to find our answer, but to build it. Because we don’t think American manufacturing ever failed for being too good. Our worst didn’t come when we were at our best. It happened when we thought good was good enough. It’s a tall order to return to form, but we’re up for it. We’re starting with the reinvigoration of a storied American brand, and a storied American city. Because we believe in the beauty of industry. The glory of manufacturing.

We know there’s not just history in Detroit, there is a future. It’s why we are here. Making an investment in skill, at scale. Creating a community that will thrive through excellence of craft and pride of work. Where we will reclaim the making of things that are made well. And define American luxury through American quality.

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